Dead Letter Officers play R.E.M. covers from the IRS label years (1981-1987).
Based in Richmond, Virginia, the D.L.O. plays throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Born through an undying love of the jangle, Richmond’s R.E.M. merchants, the Dead Letter Officers, focus on early R.E.M. music from the early to late 1980s! Waking at the dawn of the college rock movement, DLO recreates the early 1980’s energy and song craft of R.E.M. that became the soundtrack to countless college road trips, late night hookups, and all night dance parties throughout the South.

Though they would later become the biggest band in the world for a time, at their beginning, R.E.M. was an intelligent, rocking bar band with rollicking songs and presence. DLO brings to life R.E.M.’s early sets in a live setting, recreating the IRS—era recordings with tireless enthusiasm. DLO creates a musical cacophony that harkens back to a simpler, more exciting time.

The Dead Letter Officers four band members—David, Scott, Frank, and Jay—rock like banshees, so grab your Ray-Bans and Chuck Taylors, lace ‘em up tight, and get ready to dance, shimmer, shake, and question the assumed order of the universe. 

Available for private events. Contact us to book DLO today! 

Upcoming Dates

aug 9

pro re nata | charlottesville va

7pm  |  no cover

aug 23

kindred spirit | goochland va

6pm  |  no cover